Unique One of a Kind Sacred Adornments

Adorning the Sacred is so much more than simply wearing jewelry…..It is a moment of celebration, dedication & anointing for the temple that houses the soul.

Each unique and one of a kind creation is a portal gateway that assists to Awaken the Light within.

Adorning the body with crystal gems is an ancient practice that has been revered beyond all time, space & dimensions.

May each anointing bring you closer to the goddess that lives within.

I began creating sacred jewelry for the awakened soul back in 2013 after reaching a pinnacle point in my own spritiual path and journey. Reconnecting to the memories of my lifetime in Lemuria awakened an ancient knowing and remembrance of creation itself that sparked a connection to the cosmic Faeries who worked so closely with the Mother Womb we call Earth.

It is her heartbeat that brings every piece to life and continues to stir my soul with creativity, vitality & reverence for all things Sacred.

It is my exquisite joy to create pieces that will Awaken you, Inspire you and Support you all the days of your life.


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Awaken the Light Jewelry

IMG_0568           Awaken the Light Sacred Adornments

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Prisms of Light & Vibration

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