Prisms of Light & VibrationA little bit about the author:

Karen Riley is a certified crystal energy practitioner, creative & Lemurian soul star ancestor. Her spiritual awakening began back in 2007 after a series of events put her on a path of remembrance to her sacred truth. Her mission in this lifetime is a unique one working hand in hand with the Crystal & Faerie realms bringing forth the cosmic Magic & Sanctification of Ancient Lemuria. She humbly works hand in hand with the Faeries, Ascended Masters & Beings of Light within the realm of spirit as they have been her inspiration & guiding hand in all her creative works. She channels much of her creative energy into her spiritual artistry which serve as energetic portal gateways to unlocking doorways of inner remembrance & awakening. It is her greatest joy to witness the unfolding of humanity as it awakens to it’s fullest and most beautiful potential.


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