A Dawn of New Light Services….Crystal Clear Consultations

Offerings_photo3Crystal clear consultations came together as a way to introduce you to the wonderful & transformative world of crystal healing in a very private & intimate way. If you are new to crystal energy and are looking to understand the benefits of this empowering healing modality then allow me to offer you a private one on one introduction to the transformative world of crystals.

As an intuitive, I have learned to trust the inner guidance of spirit and find such joy & fulfilment in creating a space of comfort & security to assit you in cultivating that inner knowing so you can begin to trust your own intuition and walk confidently in your truest identity.

A crystal consultation includes a unique intuitively hand selected assortment of crystals for you to experience & connect with which will be explained in full detail and include all the physical, emotional & spiritual benefits specifically for you.  Then, I will scan your chakras with a pendulum so we can discuss what is going on energetically and uncover how all thoughts, feelings and emotions are at the root of all illnesses and eventually disease. Understanding the impact that all emotions have on the Mind, Body, Spirit experience is the gateway to approaching life with a much wider & alternative perspective.

We will also have some fun with different shapes, styles & methods that may suite your needs best.

With crystals…….no one size fits all!  It truly is different for everyone.

Can’t wait for you to experience & witness the healing potential that lies within yourself and how crystals can energetically assist you in reaching your goals of empowerment, health & wholeness.

Exchange is $ 66.00

Session: 45 min

Includes choice of top three crystals

Additional Crystals are available for separate purchase and range in price

It’s best to call and book an appointment prior to ensure availability & privacy. 



Energy Healing & Alchemy Crystal Bowl Session

Offerings_photo4Reiki as it is most commonly referred to is a universal life force energy that is accessible to everyone regardless of religion, heritage, status or belief system.

It’s a living sentient flow of pranic energy that comes directly from the divine source of creation and permeates all living and non living things. It is the very etheric fabric that holds this experience together throughout the cosmos.

In this space of energetic flow & healing I serve as an illuminator of soul remembrance that you are your own greatest source of healing for as you reconnect with this universal divine source of light you will discover that it has always been right within you.

As a practioner of energy I recognize that I simply serve as a conduit of light so that you can discover & bring if forth for yourself. There are no limits when it comes to working within the conscious realm of healing for you are the one opening up the door. I AM BUT A WAYSHOWER.

This session will invite you to surrender into the heart and release the stronghold of the mental mind. In this state of surrender, the infinite appears and healing can truly take place on all levels.

Each session is a unique & beautiful experience that takes place in our Sanctuary of Light and include the use of gemstones, crystal alchemy singing bowls, chimes, music, sage & sacred wood bringing about much emotional, physcial & etheric healing. For many, the experience is profound and life changing. All that is truly required is a willingness to surrender.


60 minute session $88.00

30 minute session $44.00

It’s best to call and book an appointment prior to ensure availability & privacy.

It’s crystal gathering time!!

FullSizeRender 30I’m sure you’ve all been to a home gathering that has candles, food, jewelry and some other pretty neat things but have you ever gone to a crystal gathering??

That’s right I said it…. A crystal gathering!

I am so very excited to be able to share the amazing healing benefits of crystals and how they can truly transform your life.

Each one of us has a deep desire to connect with the purest inner sense of our spirit. We all long to move beyond the demands of this experience we call life and re-connect with our SOUL. Finding the time and the right place to unwind & de-stress can be challenging. So allow me to invite you to open your heart, home, friends & family to the wonderful healing, nurturing and harmonizing world of crystals.

What I wish to present to you is an invitation to host your very own Crystal Gathering.

What I have put together is very simple and only involves your willingness and openness to start a journey and connection with crystals which will open the doorway of communication and transformation.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect.

  • A collection of some beautiful crystal specimens for you to enjoy and experience
  • Collection of Adorning the Sacred Jewelry line ( available for separate purchase )
  • I will provide my own table ( 4 ft or 6ft ) if you have the space
  • Set up and clean up
  • Music to set the mood and a sacred space
  • I offer a very special gift to the Hostess and a 11% discount on any purchases
  • All guests receive a free giveaway
  • Final gathering details are coordinated 1 month before your special events to discuss any specialties you may want to add

All that is needed is an open heart and home along with 6 or more of your closest family and friends.

Gathering time approximately 2-3 hrs.

Its going to be such a sweet crystal affair!

Can’t wait xo