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Beyond the Garden Gate

By September 25, 2015 Faeries 2 Comments

Beyond the Garden Gate is a doorway to magic, remembrance & awakening to the innocence of the true aspect of the living soul. May it be an entranceway of inspiration & celebration of your return home to the wonder and spirit of Mother Gaia and the beings that tend to her soul.


A message from Goddess Ainé & the Fae………

Just beyond the Garden Gate lies the mound of the sidhe, a portal gateway into another realm, dimension and far away land where linear time had no rule and love is free to reign. It is the home & gathering place for the ancient ones, the beings known as the Tuatha Dé Danann.  It is said that the If you listen closely you may hear the faint sounds of celebration, laughter and music. , but not all have been welcomed into their world throughout the ages. Mortal men & women once shared a close and symbiotic relationship with the Fae but the etheric threads that united them were broken when man descended into the darkness of illusion & forgetfulness of their true being & nature.

After thousands of years and many lifetimes humanity finally finds themselves at the helm of a new dawn and earth and what was once lost can and is being rediscovered and restored. It is with incredible reverence, love & appreciation of Mother Earth that I discovered the magic of goddess Ainé and the Fae. In touching the heartbeat of that world my soul remembered the truest essence of my being.

It is my hope and desire that you too may feel the love, support & comfort of the Fae as you journey forward in this new day.


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