Goddess of Earth & Sky

As far back as I can remember, I have always felt the loving magical heartbeat of Mother Earth. As an innocent child it was as though I could sense and feel between every breeze that mysterious & fantastical world full of wonder & amazement.

Nothing brought me more joy then heading into bed and reading stories of Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Mermaids, Faeries, Unicorns & other fantastical things, but more importantly, I truly believed in Magic…. That the seemingly impossible could become possible. Deep inside there was an inner knowing and sacred understanding that things were not always as they seemed. I felt it most when I was out in nature when the world around me was quiet enough so that I could hear the trees, grass & earth move in unison. I felt so much peace, nurturing & protection from the earth & her inhabitants.

But soon this seemingly real physical earthly life experience began to chip away the memories of that true essence and the love I had for myself, the planet & and at times even the divine Creator. Slowly but surely, my thoughts & feelings became a distant memory and I remained asleep under the hypnotic spell of illusion & separation for most of my early adult life.

I would not fully begin to awaken and realize why I am really here on planet Earth, in this body, having this experience until my family & I were relocated to the sunny shores of Florida in 2007. It would be there and through a series of synchronicities that I would be led to the right place, at the right time ,which served as a powerful catalyst of awakening for me that blew open the doors of how I perceived the world and what my role in it was to be. It completely changed the course & direction of my life. I soon discovered that once that gateway was opened there was no looking back. In fact, what I discovered was that deep within me was this link to an unlimited & abundant source of infinite potential that I could have never before even dared to dream existed for myself. That is until the Goddess appeared.

How I came to know Ainé… The Goddess of Earth & Sky

unnamedI have to say, now looking back that I have always known her, felt her & the magical beautiful beings of light that illuminate the Faerie realm. It was I that chose to forget the bond & promise that was forged long, long ago.

For many, the aha moment comes in one great momentous experience. For me, it has been such a beautiful & graceful unfolding of many moments with the supportive essence that I have come to love, cherish & know as Faerie Goddess Ainé…..Queen of Light, Celebration, Passion & Fertility. Her legend & lore throughout the ages have identified her as a Celtic Faerie Queen but for me her greatest essence as a Goddess is and has been her LOVE. Her spirit has infused my being & path with Illumination, Clarity, Understanding, Compassion & Unconditional Love….and in this love, I have found victory.  It was she in her greatest expression who took me on a journey three years ago to the gates of the Sidhe and there she stood, beckoning & welcoming me into the Heart of Faerie. Stepping into that portal of timeless existence has allowed me to touch the very essence of child like innocence, healing & restoration. May you feel her presence & resonance of the Lunar Sun which have both inspired and continue to be the guiding force in all that I do. She is the gentle breeze billowing all around us, empowering us to be the best & brightest expression of our soul.